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Do you think its likely we might be able to redeem our keys here?

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This is a tough question.

Ideally most dev's would permit that keys for IPS Marketplace purchases can be redeemed here. I think it makes sense for those who do not have their own setup or means to offer an easy way for customers to download their resources.

However, I would understand if this wasn't doable or even in the pipeline.

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This is a very tough question, and one that I think is limited as much by technical parameters as human egos.  

I would be happy to faciliate a platform on Invisioneer, but that would require buy-in of all of the devs who list here and maintenance of such a platform.  

Happy to leave this conversation open for any developer to take a look and offer insight.  

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Would help most people out also I mean one website to download all your files and addons in one place, So far I have had to join 3 to 4 sites to be able to follower the devs when they update or get their products and that's so many website's to keep track on. 

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That's a matter of opinion, I prefer it right the way it is now. My downloads are availiable only on my site, so I have better control over them, can update faster and easier and don't have to upload to other sites.

Also I can provide better support. My downloads section is in 2 languages with threads for german and english and in the future even a ticket system for private support.

Where is the problem to register on an "external" site? In my case you don't even have to wait for a confirmation mail. Information about poduct updates you get in your AdminCP.

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