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Why Enforcing Rules is Important in Your Online Community?

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When you enforce your community's rules and guidelines, you are not only upholding the values of your community but also creating a safer and more trustworthy environment for all members. The consistent enforcement of rules builds trust, deters inappropriate behavior, and helps your community flourish. Ignoring these issues, on the other hand, can lead to legal problems and harm the reputation of your community.

Here are 3 concepts related to online behavior:

  1. Norms and Social Behavior: Just like in the physical world, online communities have norms and rules that guide acceptable behavior. In the realm of behavioral economics, we learn that people often follow social norms because they want to fit in and be accepted. When online communities fail to enforce these norms, it can lead to a "norms breakdown," where members believe they can get away with inappropriate actions.
  2. Social Contracts and Trust: Anthropology teaches us about social contracts, the implicit agreements within a group about how members should behave. In your online community, enforcing rules is like upholding a social contract. When rules are consistently enforced, it builds trust among community members. They know what to expect and feel safer participating.
  3. Incentives and Deterrence: Behavioral economics also emphasizes the power of incentives and deterrence. Enforcing rules and meting out consequences for rule violations serves as a deterrent. When individuals see that there are consequences for inappropriate behavior, they are less likely to engage in such behavior, much like how consequences in the real world deter unlawful actions.

Now, let's discuss what specific behaviors and rules you should be vigilant about:

Harmful Behavior: Online communities should never tolerate bullying, harassment, hate speech, discrimination, or religious attacks. These behaviors can create a hostile environment and harm individuals emotionally. Enforcing rules against such conduct is essential to protect community members and maintain a positive atmosphere.

Violence and Threats: Discussions about violence and threats, including death threats, should also be addressed promptly. It's not just about preventing harm but also about fostering a sense of safety within the community. Rules against violence-related discussions should be enforced to deter potentially dangerous situations.

Privacy and Security: Threats related to privacy, such as leaking personal information or cyberstalking, must not be tolerated. Enforce rules that protect members' privacy and security. This not only prevents harm but also ensures that your community remains a trustworthy space.

Stand firm in enforcing rules, and you'll contribute to making your online community a positive, welcoming, and lawful space for everyone.

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