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4 free ways to communicate with your community away from your forum


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Now that you have opened up your community and you have people registering and using the community more often, you may be looking at ways in which you can also communicate with your community away from the forum as well.

There are many ways you can keep up with your community away from the forum to build a more comprehensive relationship between you and your community.

Here are 4 ways in which you can keep in contact with your community away from your forum. They are all free as well!

1. Social Media

Social Media such as sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very popular social media platforms that most people tend to have an account on. Ensuring that you have a profile or page on each of these social media sites gives your community the choice of where they would like to follow you to continue communicating with you. 

2. Emails

Emails are another great way to communicate with your community as well. Everyone has access to emails if they have access to the internet and in some cases, for those who do not like to use social media, emails are the second best option. 

3. Newsletters

Newsletters are another way you can communicate with your community as well to let them know about new things coming, any events that are happening within your community and even any changes that take place. You will be surprised at how much your community will appreciate you keeping them in the loop with a newsletter. 

4. Discord, Slack, or Telegram

Chat applications such as Discord, Slack or Telegram are some of the most popular applications for communication.  They are all free applications and can either be used on your PC, phone, or browser. 

Whichever way you choose or even if you choose to offer more than one option, ensure that your community is aware so they have the option to communicate in a way they prefer.

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I like to go with Discord or Slack. These are good platforms to communicate with your staff outside your community. I have used Discord and Slack for multiple communities as a staff on these communities or as a community managers.

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