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Hello Everyone,

First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself. I have been involved in the field of IPS (Invision Community) design since 2010. Unfortunately, due to a health issue I faced, I had to take a prolonged break from working with IPS. In 2019, I, along with my fellow colleagues, decided to create the xentr.net website to showcase our experiences with XenForo and have been actively developing various plugins and designs on this platform ever since.

I have now decided to return to my roots, focusing on IPS once again. In this pursuit, I aim to adapt the designs we've crafted for XenForo and new themes to the IPS system.

Our new IPS website : https://ipstheme.com/

While it is truly regrettable that IPS has discontinued its marketplace, it is truly commendable for you to create a platform like this for other third-party developers.

I hope that this place truly attains the recognition it deserves and evolves into a community where all developers can come together.

Sincerely yours...

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