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How to lead with authenticity as a community creator


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When it comes to building a successful online community, many mistakenly believe that the focus should solely be on branding, products, and services. However, the reality is that community members seek more than just a brand promoter; they seek an authentic leader within their community.

As a community creator and leader, it's essential to recognize that your role goes beyond promoting your brand. Here are some key principles of authentic leadership in online communities:

Equality and Inclusivity:

While you may be the creator and leader of the community, it's crucial to treat all members as equals. Avoid the temptation to look down on your community as if they are beneath you. Instead, foster an atmosphere of inclusivity and make every member feel valued and welcome within the community.

Belief in Your Content:

Authenticity starts with your belief in the content you share within the community. When you genuinely believe in what you're posting, it not only demonstrates your sincerity but also authenticity. This sincerity helps build a deeper connection and trust with your community members.

Approachability and Engagement:

Remember that as a leader, you are not above the community; you are a part of it. Be approachable, easy to talk to, and actively show interest in your community members. This engagement highlights your authenticity and genuine interest in the community's well-being.

Inspiration over Constant Promotion:

Authentic leadership goes beyond incessant marketing and sales pitches. Instead, focus on engaging with your community, leading by example, and inspiring your members. Most of all, authentic leaders prioritize trust over sales.  People are drawn to leaders who genuinely care about other peoples' growth and development.

In the world of online communities, authenticity in leadership is a cornerstone for success. By treating all members equally, believing in your content, being approachable, and prioritizing engagement and inspiration, you can foster a loyal and growing community. Remember, staying loyal to your community will often lead to their loyalty in return, ultimately fueling the community's growth and success.

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The primary aim of a community is to have social discussions. This can happen only when you manage to build users and quality content. Building users and activities both are most difficult aspect of community management. If you can get a lot of people to sign up, you also strive to make them active and loyal. You need to provide authentic content in your community

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One of the major issues with social media is the spreading of fake news. Communities should learn from the mistakes committed by social media giants and try to build a platform where only authentic information is shared. You might have frequently seen Quora posts appear on search engines when you search for something. That's because despite being user generated content., Quora provides authentic information.

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