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What will you use for Support?

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IPS has announced they will deprecate support tickets in Commerce.  I am personally quite fond of support tickets. They have several benefits: 

- Dedicated one-on-one conversations 

- Emails

- Sharing of private information, screenshots, etc. 

- Tracking of the issue progress

It's not panic time (yet), because you can stay on v4 and keep using support tickets.  You can also use forums, although that can get messy if multiple users are posting or asking questions.  

Do you have a recommendation that replaces support tickets? What's your plan for support on v5? 

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Support topics. It’s important for those who want to purchase a file to see the dev response time, commitment to the client, etc. if it is something that needs more privacy, I use a forum where topics are visible to the author and staff. I don’t have a need to support app but if I’ll have to use it someday, it won’t be an external integration at all. I’ll develop mine.

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