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  • Safe Buyer's Guide
    • How to Safely Shop

      Browse and shop the Marketplace Directory, the third-party listing directory where you can see all files from all IPS contributors in one spot.

      Buy with confidence when following common sense shopping tips:

      • Check their IPS Profile
      • Check for support & refund policies
      • Go Private

      This site is not endorsed or affiliated with IPS, Inc. Invision Community and all other IPS related trademarks © IPS, Inc. 

    • Check IPS Profile

      The seller's user profile in the official InvisionCommunity.com client community is a great starting point to learn more about the seller.  

      Look for things like:

      • Client status
      • Joined date
      • Last Visited
      • Activity & Reputation


  • Recommendations

    • The seller should be a Client, the membergroup for paid IPS clients. 

      Be careful of anyone who is not a Client, which means they cannot develop on a legitimate license. 

    • The seller should join for 6 months or longer.  

      Be careful of anyone who recently joined. 


    • The seller should visit the IPS community every month or less.  

      Be careful of anyone who has not visited for more than 3 months. 

    • The seller should have an ongoing history of participation with positive reputation and achievement. 

      Be careful of sellers with large gaps in activity or no reputation. 

    • Check Support & Buying Policies

      Before you buy, look for clear support and buying policies on the author's website:

      • Support channels
      • Pricing and renewal terms
      • Refunds
      • Chargebacks
  • Common Buying Standards

    • Before you buy, make sure to read the file's description, ask questions, and check for compatibility. 

      You are responsible for what you buy. 

    • If you did NOT download the file, you can request a refund.

      If you did download the file, no refund is normally given except at discretion of author.

    • Chargebacks are a serious penalty to the author.

      You should only pursue a chargeback after you attempted to resolve in good faith.

    • Providers

      Look for the Providers badge, the only trust certification issued by IPS.  

      Providers are developers, themers, and other contributors with a history of experience in the client community.  

    • Go Private

      Do you have a theme or mod that is critical to the functioning of your community?  Want to customize something you see in the Marketplace? 

      Go private with an ongoing relationship or custom job. 

      • Customize features to your needs
      • Ensure the file is maintained
      • Deepen trust with one developer 

      Reach out to the author on their site.

    • Standards of Service

      Invisioneer is proud to facililtate the safe connection between buyers and sellers in the only Marketplace Directory for IPS. 

      • You are redirected to sites hosted by third-party authors to handle payment and support.
      • You are responsible for any purchases. 
      • You are responsible for resolving any disputes, claims, or refunds.
      • This site is not responsible for any purchases or liability.
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