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  • By JoelR
    IPS briefly talked about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent months, but this is the first full confirmation of how IPS plans to integrate AI features into the community, with features already planned for v5.  This aligns with their prior perspective that they don't plan to bring AI into any user-facing interactions. No direct conversing with AI chatbots.  However, IPS does believe AI can provide benefit in the following areas:  "We are using AI in v5, but in terms of algorithms and
  • By JoelR
    I was reflecting in the new Features Page / Our Picks page that IPS is refreshing for v5, and I realized that we actually had multiple ways to show our content: - displaying content by categorization (the traditional forum boards > subboards) - displaying content by chronology (Activity Streams)  - displaying content by popularity (Leaderboard) - displaying content by manual selection (Featured / Our Picks page)  IPS gives you 4 (!) different ways of displaying conten
  • By YourSharona
    In the ACP:   How do I know which Apps/Plugins are incompatible?
  • By JoelR
    IPS was not kidding when they titled their blog as "Tagging Reinvented." These aren't the standard tag features that everyone else is accustomed to (colors, defined prefixes, font awesome).  Instead, we got a vision statement by IPS on taxonomy: a global closed tag system for the entire community.  No more open tags.  No more tags defined per node.  Each tag is predefined by the admin, available for the entire community, and displayed in a beautiful dedicated page per tag with its own banne
  • By JoelR
    I giggled when I came across the term "Pages page" in the Invision client forums about a week ago.  It sounds so absurd, but I knew exactly what they were saying!  IPS has very precise terms for certain things.   What are some other things that only a "real" IPS client would know?  Do you know ... Nexus? What about ... Dynamics??
  • By JoelR
    This is an interesting question.   Do you consider the IPS website (that includes the client forum community) to be a "model" website for clients? Is it a model website for your community?  IPS does some "strange" things.  The most notable example that periodically pops up from new clients is how to reproduce their company blog on Blogs app.  For any real IPS client, we all know the company blog runs on a Pages database (which is the proper method within Invision to create and publish
  • By JoelR
    Would you go a month without visiting your own forum?  A year?  
  • By JoelR
    IPS jokingly added that Invision Community v5 will come with a voucher for a 'third thumb.' After watching the Youtube video, I am firmly convinced that I need this new appendage - like NOW - to dramatically improve my life.  
  • By JoelR
    Inspired by this post here, where Q&A forums are going away in Invision Community v5 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/478308-qa-forums-are-going-away/ Did you ever actually use the Question and Answer layout?  It includes voting, suggestions, and ratings 
  • By JoelR
    Which is like a public Beta.  But Alpha 🤔 (If anything, I think this goes to show that development really is more of a continuum, rather than distinct milestones.) One thing that is different this cycle is they'll be inviting users to test alpha on the cloud instance.  Downloadable versions will be coming soon Tagging is to be announced soon, which should be interesting.  IPS has not fundamentally touched its tagging system over the entire 4.0 generation, so it'll be interesting t
  • By JoelR
    Have you ever started watching a movie, paused it halfway through, and felt an itch to finish it later? Or left a task incomplete and couldn’t get it out of your head until you finally wrapped it up?  The Zeigarnik Effect essentially says that people remember unfinished tasks better than completed ones. This can be a powerful tool for us to keep our users engaged and coming back. Here are a few ways we can leverage this in our communities and marketing: Unfinished Tho
  • By JoelR
    Back in colonial India, the British government was worried about the number of venomous cobras in Delhi. To tackle this, they offered a bounty for every dead cobra. At first, it seemed like a brilliant idea—people started killing cobras and bringing them in for the reward. But then, some clever folks realized they could breed cobras and kill them to claim the bounty. When the government caught wind of this, they scrapped the program. The breeders, now stuck with useless cobras, released them int
  • This application will automatically detect user location and update the currency based on user IP address.

  • This app lets you to favorite (bookmark) records of any database (Pages app). It has a lot of options in the setting section (ACP).

    Some features :
    Who can use
    Which app 
    Enable/Disable Tooltip
    Enable/Disable Flash Message
    Add custom template 
    Redirect guests to the sign-up/sign-in page

    and more


  • peacock Theme, is an advanced Skin for Invision website. with numerous options, Admin have wide range of choices from top to bottom in case of style, colors and functionality.


    Key Features:

    Light and Dark mode + Customizable color palette


    • Can be set which one is default [Light or Dark mode]
      • Admin setting for change colors [Light and Dark mode]
      • User level options for choose between modes
    • 8 different color option for color palette
      • Admin side settings for fully customize color palette [from colors to their names]
      • Can be set which color is default and which can be select by users
      • User level options for choose between colors
    • Admin can select a default combination [for example Dark mode + Custom color 3 can be green] and make it permanent as well.

    Header Dynamic Cover


    • Peacock Theme uses a special header area designed to display an image as cover photo. it's come with a default cover photo, but can be change with other images with setting.
    • The header cover photo also come with series of settings to make it dynamic. with header dynamic cover options, top header area of peacock theme will pick up a designated image from visiting page. users will see different cover photo based on where they are.
    • Example for Topics: every topic can have it's own header cover image. Dynamic Header Cover option, picks up the first image uploaded in a topic.
    • For this option to work there should be at lease one image directly uploaded to topics, files, events ... and pages that supports Dynamic Header Cover.
    • Currently supports: Topics [as of now uses only images that directly uploaded to topic, as ver 1.2.1 it will use linked and embedded images in topic as well] [Demo1,2,3], Forums [using image that being uploaded for forum for grid view], Files in Download app [using image that selected as primary image in file view], Gallery [Album [in-album image can be set by owner]/Category [in-category image can be set by moderator], Clubs [using image that set for club cover photo], Events [using image that set for event cover photo].

    Two Different Mode for Main Navigation


    • Main navigation in desktop view have two different mode to choose by Admin.
    • Style 1 is default view of all navigation and sub navigation links
    • Navigation with menu items will open in vertical menu
    • using fontIcons for navigation links with the ability to re-arrange and customize icons via settings




    • Style 2 for main navigation in desktop is consists of two separate parts:
    • Main Navigation links can be display with a Hamburger menu at side. all links created with menu manager will display in a sidebar area when user click on hamburger icon.
      • Sidebar area have it's own customization options for color schemes.
      • Sidebar area links will be highlighted by selected color based on user visiting page
    • Area in front of hamburger icon, now reserves for custom links and can be use in all sorts of ways, like make list for Trending, Hot links and ... with customization options
      • Custom Links for Trending, Hot links ... can be display in two mode: all in line in front of hamburger icon or all links can be contain in one drop down menu
      • Custom Links created here can be import to "Mobile Menu" with setting


    Dynamic Page Details


    • Dynamic Page Details is a optional feature when sticky navigation are active. with this option are active, when users navigate in any page, sticky navigation at the top will display handful of details. Page Name, Buttons like Share, Follow, Reply, Manage [for Admin/Moderators]


    Header Content Slider and Page Title Box


    • Header content slider can be display at the top of the page, with up to 6 contextual slide with image, description and title
      • Can be link to other pages or use as promotional items on their own
      • Can be work as slideshow/auto play
    • Page title box is ordinary Invision title box for all pages, only with option to display at the top of the page and over the header's cover image in desktop view
      • Page title box positioned on top cover area have it's own three style [Dark/Light/Pick from color palette]


    Per Forum Color design


    • When Alternative Design Mode are active for Topics and Forums, normally selected color in color palette will be use in styling. however, if a forum have it's own 'Feature color' from forum settings, peacock theme will override normal color scheme with feature color so forum listing uses those colors.


    Display Topic Thumbnail Image in topic listing


    • Browsing in topic listing looks different in peacock theme, when "Display topic image" setting are active. similar to Dynamic Header Cover, images in topic listing will be picked from first uploaded image in respected topics. from ver 1.2.1 forward, thumbnail will be pick from every type of images exist in the topic.


    4 Different Option for Post Styles





    • Admin can choose theme of topic posts from 4 different styles.


    Custom Design for User Hover Cards


    • Admin can choose theme of Hover Cards from 3 different styles


    Alternative Design for Widgets


    • With admin options, Many of default IPS widgets can have Alternative style with Grid style and support for background image
    • Support for Feed widgets: Topics, Files, Events, Our Picks

    Special Search Navigation


    • Special navigation for search in Desktop/Tablet/Phone view
    • Admin ability to create suggest links for users when search navigation opens

    Advanced Popup messages


    • Advanced popup message is a tool to create simple/complex/multi-page popup message box and display to guests or separately for registered users
    • Admin can create two different popup message to target guests and registered users [can choose which group as well]
    • Popup message continue to be display until user dismiss it
    • Admin can create a permanent link to popup messages in selected areas like at the end of breadcrumb or in user menu. by click on this link, created popup will be appear again at any time if user wants.

    Advanced Footer + Back to Top button + Maximum Width button + Social Media buttons


    • Advanced Footer is a customizable and stylish section, with many Admin options to add important contents and links
    • Back to Top button is an optional feature to create a button at bottom-side of page to quickly navigate to top of the page. button only appears with animation effect in case of user scrolling up the page.
    • Maximum Width button is an optional feature to create a button at bottom-side of page, which give user ability to view pages in Desktop in two mode: Default Width/Stretched and maximum width.
    • Social Media buttons is an optional feature to create a button at bottom-side or top-side of page, to display Admin set social media links.

    Advanced Mobile Navigation


    • peacock Theme is equipped with special Navigation Menu for mobile devices [Tablet/Phone] with extensive options to display links, menus, color options and more
    • Admin can create up to 6 main link with icon, link, name
    • Admin can create unlimited links with icon, link, name to display in special and accessible menu in the navigation
    • accessible menu in the navigation can display it's links in two mode: scroll/swipe menu or display all links.
      • accessible menu in the navigation also hold all color palette options as well.
      • all custom links created for this menu can be import to "Main Navigation" as custom links in front of hamburger menu
    • Create/Search/Global Navigation in mobile menu uses custom design with animation effects that also gets it's styling from color palette.

    (more) FontIcons + Material Design Icons package


    • peacock Theme will allow Admin to use one of the two different set of fonticons: FontAwesome or Material Design Icons
    • With Admin options, font icons will be used in much more areas than by default, including user menus, navigation menus, moderation menus and ...
    • Special settings for set custom fontIcons for each navigation links


    (User: Demo/Pass: Demo)


  • Legend Magazine is a series of Advanced Templates designed for IPS Pages App. This templates are accompanied with a powerful plugin, gives many customization, styles and re-orientation choices for these templates. Legend Magazine Templates can be assigned to already exist or newly created Database within IPS Pages app.

    Key Feature:

    • Ajax Page Load. allows users to quickly navigate between in-database Pages back and forth.
    • Magazine Look and Neat Design with many customization freedom for Database[Show article]/Database[Show categories]/Category/Display Article view of your database. Great for Content oriented databases like Articles, News ...
    • Custom navigation bar at the top. allows to have constant access to every useful options in each page.
    • Custom sidebar at the left, can be open/close by user. Sidebar have items like User menu, Links to all categories within a database. with plugin setting, it is possible to add more links as well.
    • Database and Category each one have Two different "Theme" can be choose in Plugin setting. each theme also come with it's own style customization.
    • Display article view also come with Three different theme. more importantly it's possible to change every article theme right through article submit/edit form. with this optional feature, authors can assign one of these three theme to article when they want to send /or/ edit an already exist article.
    • Support Color scheme of IPS Default/Custom themes. gives freedom to admin to use their own theme color scheme [useful for multi-color communities] or use Legend Magazine Plugin for completely custom color scheme.
    • Auto language detect for support RTL communities


    • IPS Pages 4.7


  • Legend Grid News Is a series of Page-App-Templates accompanied with a powerful plugin, so you can create a very flexible layout throughout your Pages app Database, in FrontPage, Category and Record View pages. These templates can be use on a New Page app Database setup or can be assigned to an existing Databases.

    FrontPage - Category View (Grid Style) - Category View (List Style) - Display View (Full Width Record Image)


    Note: Usage of this product requires IPS Pages App 4.7



    • Very Nice and flexible options to play it's layout for FrontPage area
    • A nice, stylish and Built-in "Featured Record Section" that can be set to show 3/5/6 of your latest/pinned records
    • Choose between two style of listing items in FrontPage: 1. Grid view (with more setting to display 2/3/4 grid per line) 2. List view
    • Nice/customizable Hover effects for listing items
    • Omittable Parts in listing Items, you can choose to show which part to see (Description, stats, last poster, byline...)
    • Very Nice and flexible Category Page. choose between two style of listing items: 1. Grid view (with more setting to display 2/3/4 grid per line) 2. List view
    • Nice JQuery Tool for Users to swipe between 2/3/4 grid per line at any time
    • Nice Template for Record view with option to display between two style: 1. Fully scaled and wide article image 2. Normal and customizable size for article image
    • Nice Block/Widget template for record feed in Pages app. can be used in every places in Page app, including non Legend Grid News databases.
    • Image LazyLoad support
    • Support YouTube video in News image section (Demo)

    Template/Plugin Can be used Multiple time in one domain installation.

  • Page Name Navigation is a plugin that basically add a new navigation area at the top of all pages in community, which can be seen by scrolling down by user. idea is based on new feature in peacock Theme and will display information like Page name, Page's associated and important buttons like Share, Create, Submit, Management buttons, Download button, Follow button and ... based on where user is visiting right now and can be accessed at all time. it also display a global navigation menu with drawer style to website, which help user to navigate through the website without the need to get back to the top of the page.

    You can see demo in this very page/website in default theme


    • Display global navigation with sidebar drawer style
    • Page name
    • Page's associated and important buttons like Share, Create, Submit, Management buttons, Download button, Follow button and ...
    • Works with Desktop/Tablet/Phone
    • Stylish design with dozens of options for customization
  • Dropdown Navigation menu is a simple plugin to turn the Default IPS Theme navigation menu, into a styled and customizable dropdown menu. Plugin works perfectly for "IPS Default Theme".


  • Mobile Navigation is a plugin, that add a special phone/tablet navigation at the bottom of Invision website. this navigation will give a look of smart mobile devices applications, for users when browsing website in mobile and have constant access to important links and features. apart from basic buttons, it is possible to add unlimited links as well, through a stylish menu in navigation.

    Demo (Default theme - in phone/tablet)

  • Navigation Toolkit is a plugin to add some useful feature and buttons in your community:

    • Progress page bar when scrolling the page. with plugin side setting it's possible to give different color for this progress bar.
    • Dark Mode/Light Mode button. smoothly change theme color from light to dark or dark to light mode. [Note: only tested on IPS default theme]
    • Font resize button. with plugin side setting, it's possible to give user two choice for font size: default size or large font size.
    • Theme selector. ability to change community's theme
    • Language selector. Ability t change community's language
    • Refresh page button
    • Go to top button
    • Go to bottom button
    • Show/Hide Global sidebar
    • Sticky effect for Global sidebar
    • Setting for fixed Navigation bar
    • Setting for Full-Width button
    • Setting for adding custom links
    • Group permission setting for access each button separately
    • Position setting, now possible to display buttons at top user navigation area [default] or vertical side menu in left or right of the page


  • Legend Editor Buttons is a big package of 15 Editor buttons, can be use in every place in invision website that uses editor. these buttons have their own customization settings so it is possible to change colors, size and other styling options. Legend Editor Buttons is an application and created specially this way to make it possible to upgrade my old resources as CKEditor buttons here along new features and more buttons.

    Live Demo


    InfoBox Buttons

    Infobox buttons originally released with 8 buttons, capable of creating Infoboxes Like Wikipedia, categorized information, quotebox and ... buttons released in old version have all being upgraded and now can be customized as well. new buttons for Infobox also redesigned and more simplified to use. for example instead of having four separate buttons for creating standard infobox, now all of them included in one menu button.

    Features compare to old Infobox:

    • Upgraded version
    • Created from scratch with additional buttons and full styling option via application settings
    • Easy install
    • Simplified to use
    • Infobox now have 2 new button: 1. Infobox center, for creating a center aligned in page. 2. Infotoggle, for creating a toggle box and ability to hide/show information.




    Comparison Images

    Comparison Images originally released with one button, capable of adding two image and make a compare box. it can be use in every places in community that uses Editors.

    Features compare to old comparison images:

    • Upgraded version
    • Created as application with new setting
    • Easy install


    Contextual Buttons

    Contextual buttons are included from two new buttons and also the PDF viewer button. first new button, is Column paragraph/text button. with this button it is possible to make 2 or 3 column paragraph in the posts. there is also option for making the first letter of the paragraph bigger and stylized. Second new button, is a Inline spoiler/Inline redacted text feature. with this button, it is possible to drag any parts of the text in editor and make it redacted. user will see the text redacted, and can click on it to see the content. this button is also have styling settings as well.




  • Legend Styler - Downloads is an advanced plugin, to modify and re-design everything about IPS Downloads app. in 3 area: Download app's FrontPage, Category view and File view, there are dozens of option to style and redesign different sections. from "Featured Downloads" box, "What's new", "Highest Rated" and "Most Downloaded" boxes in FrontPage, to category view and finally for file view, there are options to change how generally your download hub can be looks.

    Demo (Please review live demo in IPS Default theme)

    • FrontPage view
      • Featured files > theme 1: story slideshow
      • What's new theme > theme 1: Tiles
      • Highest Rated > theme 2: Grid - List
      • Most Downloaded > theme 3: List
    • Category view [theme 3: List]
    • File view [theme 1: Custom 1]

    Areas and options:

    • Download app FrontPage:
      • "Featured Downloads" box: 2 different "Theme" [Story view and Tile view] > each theme have their own inside settings.
      • "What's new", "Highest Rated" and "Most Downloaded" boxes: each one 3 different "Theme" [Grid, Tile, List] > each theme have their own inside settings.
    • Download app Category pages: 3 different "Theme" [Grid, Tile, List] > each theme have their own inside settings
    • Download app File view: 2 different "Theme" > each theme have their own inside settings

    There are dozens of style options and combinations to make Downloads app areas look unique and fresh.


    • Invision Download app
  • Legend Styler - Hover Cards is a powerful plugin, designed to give so many options and design choice when it's come to hovering on user name in Invision Community websites.

    Plugin came with initial of 6 different theme/style for user hover cards including IPS default theme and IPS 4 old user hover card theme. almost every part of these template can be modify by plugin side options. along with normal data in hover cards like statistics, user groups etc... Legend Styler - Hover Cards adds many more feature to it as well.

    Some of the additional info that Legend Styler - Hover Cards can add to user hover cards:

    • 8 different Theme/Style including IPS 4 default for user hover cards
    • Full support of Social media links for users [based on custom profile fields], display user's social media links in their user hover cards
    • Display secondary groups in user hover cards
    • Follow user button in user hover cards
    • Full support of profile fields that can be filled by individual:
      • Targeted Custom fields for specific Personal information like Age, Location and Occupation in user hover cards
      • Display full list of custom fields line by line in user hover cards
    • Ability to display "About Me" section in user hover cards
    • New statistic user data like number of followers, number of solutions by user and can be show/hide in user hover cards
    • Full support for LTR / RTL communitis
  • We take a fundamentally different approach to building great communities on the modern web. We focus on the hard questions of strategy, and believe communities of all sizes can succeed with the right passion and strategy.

  • We believe in learning from expert education and best-in-class advice to inspire us. We built some of the world's largest resources for community building, and won't stop sharing the best advice from the smartest people we can find.

  • Modern communities deserve modern approach to community building. We believe in pushing everyone to a more forward-thinking approach to building great communities that thrive on the modern web.

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