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  1. If your community is used by people from different cultures and countries, it will be very difficult to maintain a harmony. That's because throughout the history, one culture has subjugated another culture and one country had invaded another country. Can you really keep a Russian and Ukrainian in harmony in your community when the countries are fighting?
  2. I see online communities as a platform where we can ask questions and get answers, and answer the questions that we know very well. If your community is a platform where there are a lot of resourceful answers on various topics, you will not only be able to create a healthy community but also a popular community
  3. I agree with these three categorization of new community users. I believe all community users fit into one of these categories. I also believe a seeker can be converted into citizen and citizen into creator.
  4. I think you need to decide which topics are still suitable for discussion and which are not. I don't run general discussion community, so most of my content is evergreen. One of the major problems with general discussion community is your topics lose relevancy after some time.
  5. Most community users are common people who do not know about SEO, however, you do not have to be SEO expert to create a SEO friendly title as long as your title contain "search terms" If a user ask "how to build followers on my Facebook page" it is already a search friendly title. Every legit question can be search friendly. As a community owner if you do not consider making titles suitable for searches how do you suppose to bring visitors and users on your site?
  6. Community is a group of users where the user share their voices through written text, or images and videos. We cannot separate content form community. Community exist because of content, and content exist because of users. However, content in your community needs to be quality for the community to thrive.
  7. Using Generative AI to get topic ideas, generate outlines, summary, or even titles and subtitles can be really good for content writer, but generating entire content through AI and then publishing as it is does not sound appropriate. You can of course edit and make some changes but it would be more like a spun content. I believe blog should be written by humans but they can take help of an AI
  8. It is easier to say a community is owned by the members of the community. It is also easier to propose collective ownership. However, it is always the real owner to pays money to run the community. Therefore, he will be the one who makes decision and implement changes.
  9. I like to go with Discord or Slack. These are good platforms to communicate with your staff outside your community. I have used Discord and Slack for multiple communities as a staff on these communities or as a community managers.
  10. Social media sites are the ideal platforms to build audience. You might build your own community but do you really think you can build a community with more than 100k active members? Well, it is less likely. However, on the sites like Facebook and Instagram, building 100-200K followers is not very difficult of you are good content creator.
  11. If you are running your community through volunteers, you need to make sure your volunteer staffs are treated well as well as receive some kind of community benefits. If you are not respecting your volunteer staff and if your staff do not get any kind of benefits, they will desert your community pretty soon.
  12. I have used multiple communication app to communicate with staff members. For instance, I have used whatsapp, telegram, discord, workplace from meta, zoho cliq, etc. But Slack happens to be my favorite app.
  13. You do not own your members, and you do not own your staff. Therefore, your former staff has the right to create his own forum and also take your members with him. I wouldn't like to call it stealing members. I believe in co existence and your members can continue using your community as well as your former staff's community.
  14. Well, I don't easily get discouraged. I am firmly rooted on my believe and truly believe in what I am doing. Well, I do listen to people and make an analysis of what people tell be but I am not affected by negative comments. I do not make any quick decision, my decision to do something is based on a research, so I am not discouraged.
  15. It sounds sweet when you say to your members that it is "your" community or it is "our" community, but in reality, it will always be "my" community. You might try to address issues through public opinion or members votes but it is you who make all the decision, so what you say does not make any difference.
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