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  1. Thanks @JoelR Attaching the wallpaper It was designed for Kubuntu 24.04 " Noble Numbat ".
  2. My wallpaper got selected for Kubuntu 24.04 default pack. Already included in the beta ISO 🙂 :proud_moment
  3. This one is a 3D animation
  4. I was eager to see how the new smiley set looks like.
  5. Need one like this? Ping me 🙂
  6. Became a finalist in Ubuntu wallpaper contest. I consider it an honour, it was a competition where artists from all over the globe participated.
  7. Made this for Ubuntu Studio 24.04
  8. Modelled this today. Been a while I tried a 3D icon.
  9. This is partly true. But the disparity between various currencies is a factor too. The last forum I visited was running a contest worth $200 every month. Someone with a weaker currency can never do that. The lack of a level playing field has a big influence in this game. Dreams and skills are nothing if you are not well-funded.
  10. There is a difference, between forums that make money and that do not. Also, the cost involved is not meek either. So if you are not good at investing money without returns and begging people to join your forum, the closing and opening thing is going to happen. Plus, there is more than outsiders could see from running a forum without benefits. You get knowledge unlike any other. Get to know information that is exclusive to webmasters. Which you can use in many other ways.
  11. Spammers are hired by rich people ( countries ) and come from smaller, poor countries.
  12. Did you ask what made them do that? Maybe spammer is a not a bad title at all in such a community.
  13. Adding social features is important. The old days' forums are now redundant.
  14. I can make cartoons too. Part of my copywriting / social media content services
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