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Legend Editor Buttons

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Legend Editor Buttons is a big package of 15 Editor buttons, can be use in every place in invision website that uses editor. these buttons have their own customization settings so it is possible to change colors, size and other styling options. Legend Editor Buttons is an application and created specially this way to make it possible to upgrade my old resources as CKEditor buttons here along new features and more buttons.

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InfoBox Buttons

Infobox buttons originally released with 8 buttons, capable of creating Infoboxes Like Wikipedia, categorized information, quotebox and ... buttons released in old version have all being upgraded and now can be customized as well. new buttons for Infobox also redesigned and more simplified to use. for example instead of having four separate buttons for creating standard infobox, now all of them included in one menu button.

Features compare to old Infobox:

  • Upgraded version
  • Created from scratch with additional buttons and full styling option via application settings
  • Easy install
  • Simplified to use
  • Infobox now have 2 new button: 1. Infobox center, for creating a center aligned in page. 2. Infotoggle, for creating a toggle box and ability to hide/show information.




Comparison Images

Comparison Images originally released with one button, capable of adding two image and make a compare box. it can be use in every places in community that uses Editors.

Features compare to old comparison images:

  • Upgraded version
  • Created as application with new setting
  • Easy install


Contextual Buttons

Contextual buttons are included from two new buttons and also the PDF viewer button. first new button, is Column paragraph/text button. with this button it is possible to make 2 or 3 column paragraph in the posts. there is also option for making the first letter of the paragraph bigger and stylized. Second new button, is a Inline spoiler/Inline redacted text feature. with this button, it is possible to drag any parts of the text in editor and make it redacted. user will see the text redacted, and can click on it to see the content. this button is also have styling settings as well.





$15 · Renewal Term: $5/year

Full list of buttons:

  • Infobox buttons: with this button you can create Infoboxes Like Wikipedia... with aligned boxes, max width boxes, table info lines for your posts. Use them separately, combine them and create new variety of paragraph formatting. can be create with combination of these buttons:
    • Infobox Right: create a box aligned to the right side of content area. can put images, quote or other information in it.
    • Infobox Left
    • Infobox Center
    • Infobox Topic: create a content box for indicating the topic for the info box. have in-app customization options.
    • Infobox Toggle: create a toggle box with ability to add information inside a box, originally hidden and can be open with user interaction.
    • Infobox Line: create two slot section for a Data: Value information. like Age: xx / Nationality: YY and ...
  • QuoteBox button: with this button it is possible to create a quote style area. can be combine with Infobox Left/Right/Center to align it in page or use it as it is with a full-width style.
  • Background image button: with this button it is possible to make a image background area and insert information in it.
  • The Good/The Bad button: create a two column box for make a pros/cons list.
  • Rate button: create a styled section for rating/verdict
  • Comparison Images: with this button it is possible to make a intractable area for comparing two image.
  • Column buttons
    • Two column area: with this button, text provided in it will be display in a paragraph with two column, with first letter of the paragraph is bigger and styled.
    • Three column area: with this button, text provided in it will be display in a paragraph with three column.
  • Redacted text/Inline spoiler for text: with this button, it is possible to make a text selection in editor and render it as redacted. the redacted text will be invisible from user.
  • PDF viewer: with this button you can display "PDF files" through direct link in your posts or any other places that works with CKEditor throughout your community. Usage of this plugin require to grant "post HTML" permission to user groups.

All purchases, support requests and services provided with my website contact form and proceed manually and no registration required.

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