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  • How to List Your Files in Marketplace Directory
    • Welcome

      Welcome to the new home for the IPS Marketplace Directory, the third-party listing directory where IPS contributors come together.

      Join other Marketplace contributors and providers in building the greatest third-party community. 

      This site is not endorsed or affiliated with IPS, Inc. Invision Community and all other IPS related trademarks © IPS, Inc. 

  • Overview

    • Same categories.  Same screenshots. Same file descriptions. 

      You will be immediately familiar with the Marketplace Directory.

    • New field for Release Stage, so you can release Early Access mods. 

      More tabs for support and information.  

    • How to Prepare

      Some simple steps before you begin:

      1. Create your own independent website. 
      2. List all of your files for sale.
    • How to List

      Listing and linking to your files is easy.  

      1. In the Marketplace, submit a file.
      2. When asked to Add a file, click [Add files by URL]. 
      3. Complete other information as requested.  

      Could contain: Page, Text, File, Business Card, Paper

      Do NOT upload your file.  You want to link to your site.  

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