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  1. I have no experience in this but I believe all ever green content should be unlocked where as all topics that are irrelevant today should be locked. Some people like creating new topics instead of opening old topic but I believe as long as the content is still relevant, there is no point in locking it out.
  2. The titles are not for search engines only, titles are also for other users to give a brief idea on the content that is being posted. Based on the title, a user can either reply or skip because they have nothing to say. I like the titles are are in question format.
  3. That's very true. Unless you offer something better, you cannot bring people to the communities you control or own. I see a lot of people trying to promote their communities on social media and often interpret social media sites as a threat to communities. I think community owners should try to co-exist and build a platform for those who are interested in text based discussion instead of broadcasting content.
  4. Every discussion begins with a question, you either ask a question and try to get answer, or ask a question and share your insights and invite other people to discuss on the topic. Communities are not just for talking this and that, communities are also platforms to get help or learn something, and your users can ask questions and answer questions to build a discussion.
  5. Frankly speaking, when I join communities and when I receive welcome message, I do not read the message. I just check if they have added any links to pages that I should be reading. If there are links I check them. I do not send welcome messages. However, on my forums I like to have important pages on the top so that users can read rules and other important announcement.
  6. It is very important to have the language skills and writing skills for effective communication in online communities. Since you communicate through text, you need to have skills to say what you want to say in written language. You do not need advance degree in writing and language but basic communication skills are required.
  7. It is really important to understand the cultural differences and also be tolerant to other cultures. Once, on a certain forum, a user was warned just for using the world "Allah" in a post. The user wrote "I thank Allah for giving me this opportunity" and the moderators though the poster was bringing religion unnecessarily in to the discussion. And the same people were talking about Jesus during the holiday season.
  8. I think collective ownership is a flawed notion. Unless you take money from multiple people to create your community and have multiple people in your management team with the real power, there is no such thing as collective ownership. You can run your community in a democratic way but there will only be you who actually owns the community.
  9. While building communities through community software is on decline, I think building communities on social platform is a growing trend. One of the reasons why social media communities are growing is because it is easier to build members as social sites boost tremendous amount of users.
  10. You cannot have "everyone" on your community, right? I mean you can only have those who are interested in your niche. If your community is niche focused, it will be someone easier to bring like minded people and have a healthy discussion. Community can also build serious discussions if you have genuine users.
  11. I also believe sometimes forum owners hire spammers to spam rival forums. Most spam links are for porn sites or phishing sites. The only thing I wonder is why do they spam when they should be already knowing the spam posts will be permanently deleted.
  12. I will start with My and then move into Out. When I am building a community, I would be the only person working on it. However, once my community is publicly available and once people starts joining the community, the community will no longer be mine, it will belong to those who use it.
  13. If you know what you are doing, if you believe in what you are doing, and if you are confident that you can achieve your goal, I do not think anyone can discourage you. You can get discouraged only when you are not firmly rooted on your goal.
  14. Facebook and forums are two different things, Facebook is for social discussion, social broadcasting and social networking. Forums also offer these things but forums are basically involved with social discussion. It is really difficult, or let's say almost impossible to bring users to your forums through Facebook or use Facebook to build traffic.
  15. If you check posts on online communities you will see most communities have a lot of posts where there are spelling, grammar and language mistakes. Some of these mistakes are so silly that it hurts to see them. A lot of people do not pay much attention to what they are posting. I think as a community manager, you need constantly remind your users to read before hitting the submit button.
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