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Legend Styler - Posts, is a plugin that can be use to give a lot of styles and parts rearrangements to Posts section in Forums topics/questions. with dozens of variable and settings, admin can modify and rearrange almost every part in posts area, in verities of ways to give a unique look, style and color to posts. in general, there are two different ways of display user info panel in this plugin (Vertical or Horizontal) and each one have sets of their own settings and variables.


  • Display author info in Posts as default vertical or horizontal
  • Social media link support based on custom profile fields in posts, display user social media links in their posts
  • Change background color or text color of author info in Posts
  • Floating style posts by remove background color of author info in Posts, floating style for author info in Posts
  • Change the width size of author info in Posts
  • Sticky effect for author info in Posts
  • Re-arrange position of User name and User group
  • Display Secondary groups
  • Display Secondary groups icons
  • Change the size of User image [avatar]
  • Change style of User image to show as fully rounded, mild rounded or square
  • Display/Remove user statistics
  • Change style of user statistics to small grid, large grid or list
  • Display/Remove Custom profile fields
  • Display/Remove User badges
  • Change how to display user statistics: normal/default as raw data, condensed or display when hover on posts
  • Ability to restore "Member Title" which replaced with Member Ranks after IPS 4.6
  • Full support for LTR / RTL communitis

Demo (in default theme) [this demo uses Vertical UIP - Remove background color from UIP - UIP stats and details in hover settings]


  • Require IPS 4.7 [Forums app]
  • Plugin tested only with IPS default theme, and it may or may not work with custom third party themes.


$16 · Renewal Term: $6/year

All purchases, support requests and services provided with my website contact form and proceed manually and no registration required.

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