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Online Community Managers: Who Are They and Why They Matter


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Have you ever joined an online group or forum? If you have, then you've probably seen the work of online community managers. They're a bit like the behind-the-scenes heroes of the online world. Think of them like the managers in a store. Just as a store manager makes sure things run smoothly, an online community manager does the same for digital groups.

The Different Jobs a Community Manager Does

  • Doer: They make things happen! If there's a plan or idea, they'll work to make it real.
  • Problem Solver: When there's a big change or issue in the group, they help sort it out.
  • Helper: Sometimes, new group leaders need a bit of guidance. Community managers can step in and offer a helping hand.
  • Team Player: Some group leaders like to work closely with someone. Here, community managers become their go-to teammate.

Talking and Sharing Matters

Just like in any friendship, talking and sharing are key. Group leaders should always share new ideas with their managers. They should make decisions together and avoid any sneaky stuff.

And it's not just about work. Group leaders should also give a shoutout to managers when they do a great job. It's about being a team and cheering each other on.

To Wrap It Up: Let's Hear It for Community Managers!

Online community managers are like the unsung heroes of the internet. They do a lot to make our favorite online spaces fun, safe, and friendly. So, next time you're in an online group, know that there's probably an awesome community manager working behind the scenes.

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