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💡Clear as Glass: How Does Operational Transparency Play in Our Online Communities?

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Ever heard of 'operational transparency' ? Simply put, it's about being open about how things are run - like showing the kitchen of a restaurant to its diners. It builds trust and can really enhance how members feel about the community. Operational Transparency says when customers can see “behind the curtain” of your product or service, they'll value it more highly.

Operational Transparency can take many forms:

  • Making employees' work more visible, like watching Subway’s sandwich artists build our custom meals, or how Starbucks’ short coffee machines let you watch what the baristas are cooking up.
  • Sharing how you source and construct your sustainable products, like Patagonia's Footprint Chronicles
  • Sharing peoples' salaries, like social platform Buffer. They share all employees compensation on their website.


  • Can you think of examples where operational transparency has been effectively used in online forums or communities? Maybe a time when a community leader was open about changes or decision-making processes?
  • How do you think being transparent about the operations of our community could affect member engagement and trust? Would it make members feel more involved and valued?
  • Have there been situations where more transparency could have helped resolve confusion or dissatisfaction among community members?

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Operational transparency isn't just about revealing the nitty-gritty of day-to-day management. It's also about making members feel like they're part of the process. It can turn passive users into active participants who feel invested in the community's health and success. So, let's chat about how transparency has shaped, or could shape, our community experiences! 🌐🔍💬

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