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Let me tell you about my week

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So you think you've had a frustrating week? Wife was home with the flu and 9 yr old was home with pink eye but that was not really the good part.

Last weekend, I emailed a IPS support ticket and then a second ticket midweek. After not hearing anything back for a day or so, I posted in the Tech Help forum. A staff member replied that the staff had addressed both issues within 30 minutes of my original ticket. I looked in my email and could not find the messages, so I went back to the forum and asked for the emails to be resent. Again, nothing. After a number of back-and-forth messages with staff in the forum, I assumed the issue could be with my primary email. So, I attempted to use my old Gmail account, which was also set as my alternate email in IPS. I deleted the alternate account email, but the IPS system would not let me make it my primary because it was already associated with my account.

Jim M suggested that I send in a ticket to disassociate my Gmail account from my IPS account, but I did not totally understand. Instead, I created a new Gmail account, went back into the forum, and requested the support replies to be resent again. FINE. WHATEVER. It worked, and I could see all the messages. I noticed that my original email was also on the messages, so the original issue is really with my GoDaddy/Microsoft/Outlook email. So, problem solved? NOPE. After one or two exchanges with IPS support, I logged off all my Google accounts. When I logged back in, my new Gmail account is locked, and Google is not accepting my phone number to send a verification code. So, I tried my wife’s number, wife’s work cell, my brother's cell, an old Google Voice number, a random old friend's number, and in each case, Google gives me "This phone number cannot be used for verification." Imagine my forehead impacting my desk over and over again at this point. So angry.

So now, I have again changed my IPS contact email to my 9-year-old daughter's Gmail account just so I can ask for a small DNS tweak. I am optimistic that this whole thing is done. This is how a twenty-minute project consumes the bulk of two full workdays.

If you find that thread on the IPS where I am asking for support and think I sound neurotic, now you know why.

And yeah, go ahead and laugh. 

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Did you happen to check your spam / junk folders? 

I can't speak for Gmail as much, my Yahoo mail aggressively moves items to Spam.  

I can definitely see how switching emails can be frustrating.  In the future, you can ask IPS for clarification on things like how to disassociate your email.  

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As far as why the original emails were not getting my to my primary email address, Yes I searched junk and deleted folders repeatedly. Why those emails did not go through is a bazar extra rabbit hole on this whole fiasco that I have given up on.  It makes no sense. By any other measure that email account and app work as it should. I have 20 unread emails and 5 junk emails to be reviewed this morning. 

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