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AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management for Invision Community 4

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The AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management is an effortless add-on application seamlessly integrated with the Invision Community Platform. This application empowers both clients and administrators to utilize AWS’ Simple Email Service (SES) within the IPS platform, which is known for its dependability and cost-effectiveness in handling transactional emails. Unlike conventional approaches that rely on the SMTP protocol for email delivery, our application harnesses the SES API, enabling significantly faster email transmission and reducing the burden on your web server resources.


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Would be great if you guys could make the Guide on how to install it Public again instead of saying you don't sell it any more or hide it somewhere.
Only because Invision closed doesn't mean you guys should hide it or at least make it so hard for old customer to install it/fix issues with it 🙂

Edit: Funny I found it on a Polish site, but not on your own 🙂

Anyone looking for it:

This simple lightweight application allows you to send emails from the Invision Power Board platform through the AWS Simple Email Service API. This application sits on top of your configured email delivery methods and overrides your default settings. With the click of one button, enable and disable the service. The application also features powerful logs to help diagnose delivery issues and improve throughput and deliverability.

Amazon SES is one of the most robust and cheapest transactional email service providers on the market. While this application is extremely lightweight and easy to configure, most of the work to correctly set up will occur within the AWS Console. Follow the following steps to correctly configure AWS to send emails.

NOTE: When you initially begin to use AWS Simple Email Service, you will be in a non-production, sandbox environment allowing you to test the email service without affecting your deliverability and reputation. Once you are ready to enter production, you will need to request access from AWS under the Sending Statistics section. The form is self-explanatory and will not be covered here.

View AWS Simple Email Service Pricing


  1. Create or Sign In to your AWS Console.
  2. Proceed to the IAM section of the AWS Console.
  3. On the left, select the Users section and add a new user. If you already have a user you would like to use, proceed to the next step.
  4. Enable programmatic access for the user account.
  5. Attach the AmazonSESFullAccess policy to the user account.
  6. Finish creating the account, adding any tags you'd like for easy identification.
  7. Copy and paste your Access Key and Secret Key into the corresponding fields within the Invision Power Board ACP settings.
  8. Proceed to the AWS Simple Email Service section of the AWS console.
  9. Select your closest region in the top right corner.
  10. Copy the corresponding region identifier and input it into the corresponding field within the Invision Power Board ACP settings.
  11. Save your Invision Power Board ACP settings.
  12. Back within the AWS Console, select Domains -> Verify a New Domain to add the domain you wish to send emails from.
  13. Make sure to check the "Generate DKIM Settings" checkbox. This will help with your deliverability.
  14. Update your DNS records for the domain you are verifying by adding the TXT and CNAME records that are presented. 
  15. Make sure to not update the MX records as this will affect your ability to receive the emails. We are only configuring sending emails.
  16. Once the domain has been verified, you are ready to start sending emails.
  17. While in the sandbox environment, you will need to add your test receiving email address under the Email Addresses section or else you will receive a sending error.
  18. Once everything is configured, proceed back to the Invision Power Board ACP and proceed to Email Settings. You can use the built in Test Email Settings feature to test AWS SES. You will see the corresponding logs under the AWS SES application and any generated errors. 

Don't know if that's everything but helped me with my issue 🙂


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