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  1. This application will allow you to share content (items, comments, and reviews) on Flipboard.
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  2. This plugin allows Invision Community to use external domains for referrals redirects since by default only links within the same community are allowed.
    Setting to enter the allowed external domains. Setting to match the full domain (when disabled subdomains are automatically allowed). The logout link checks the referrer in a different way compared to every other area in the suite. This plugin allows to bypass it by adding the externalRedirect=1 parameter in the logout url.
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  3. The AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management is an effortless add-on application seamlessly integrated with the Invision Community Platform. This application empowers both clients and administrators to utilize AWS’ Simple Email Service (SES) within the IPS platform, which is known for its dependability and cost-effectiveness in handling transactional emails. Unlike conventional approaches that rely on the SMTP protocol for email delivery, our application harnesses the SES API, enabling significantly faster email transmission and reducing the burden on your web server resources.
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  4. Cloudflare's Turnstile Captcha
    This application integrates Turnstile Captcha by Cloudflare into Invision Community Suite.
    How to enable:
    Members -> Content Moderation -> Spam Prevention -> CAPTCHA Provide Site & Secret keys and enjoy Turnstile captcha! "Turnstile delivers frustration-free, CAPTCHA-free web experiences to website visitors - with just a simple snippet of free code. Moreover, Turnstile stops abuse and confirms visitors are real without the data privacy concerns or awful UX that CAPTCHAs thrust on users." - Source: Cloudflare
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  5. This App allows you to define default Topic Contents such as Topic Title or Topic Content, easy to use, limited to one default contents per forum.
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  6. This resource uses Spoonacular API to grab data from recipes to your site.
    All you have to do is type a word from a recipe title and then a list of matches will show up. From now on, with just a click, you will have added to your database:
    Title Description Instructions Diet types Servings Time to be ready Cuisines Meal types Ingredients Nutrition information Nutrition facts Wine pairing Similar recipes Tabs:
    You will also have tabs in the recipe view to display:
    General Summary Instructions Diets Ingredients Nutrition information Nutrition Facts Wine pairing Similar Recipes All the tabs, except General (the main one with the recipe summary, instructions, and diets), can be disabled via setting.
    NOTE: You can use the app without the Spoonacular API. In this case, only the General tab will show up. You can enter manually the data: Description, Instructions, Diet types, Servings, Time to be ready, Cuisines, and Meal types.
    About Spoonacular API:
    You can subscribe for a FREE plan, which has limitations: https://spoonacular.com/food-api/docs#Quotas Overview: https://spoonacular.com/food-api Frequently Asked Questions: https://spoonacular.com/food-api/faq Uptime Status: https://status.spoonacular.com/ Other features:
    Fully integrated into the framework: Rest API, categories, extra fields, notifications, search, tags, follow, reactions, promote, etc. Settings:
    Settings to control the app behavior in several places/situations.
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  7. This resource will connect the Spotify account to the IPS4 account. It will allow you to Sign up and Sign in using the Spotify account, as well as to synchronize the user name and/or profile photo.
    You are required to register your application on https://developer.spotify.com/dashboard/login to obtain:
    Client ID Client Secret You also need to inform your board URL and the Redirect URI.
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