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πŸ€”β€‹ Thought of the Day: Are you running faster down the wrong path?

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Working harder on the wrong thing just wastes more time.

Learning more from a biased source will lead you further from the truth.

Doubling down on a toxic relationship only sets you up for more headaches.

Before you try harder, make sure you are walking a path that leads where you want to go.


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Inspired by James ClearΒ 

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I love this thought of the day! It is so true, all too often many of us end up spending more time on things that do not benefit us when we could be spending that time doing something that will be more beneficial.Β 

Unfortunately, I feel you have to go through things like that to realize what is worth focusing on and what is not.

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Something I learned fast was that spending too much time trying to make something work that is not working is only going to lead to wasted time that I can not get back.

I am very careful with how I use my time now and always quickly backtrack if I feel it's becoming more of a waste.Β 

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