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Top 10 Ads by the Digital Marketing Institute


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From the Digital MArketing Institute:

It’s that time of year again! When our screens become a smorgasbord of Christmas ads which not only give us the festive feel as they tap into our emotions, but promote campaigns that use the best tactics of content marketing to get us spending.

Think about it, why did you really buy that scarf for your great-aunt this year? You normally get her socks. Was it because she loves the color blue? Or was it the tiny dog wrapped in the scarf, lying in the arms of the hero that rescued him from the cold after getting lost in New York City that did it? You know, the Christmas ad that nearly had you in tears.

We’ve all done it, become too emotionally invested in Christmas ads. That’s what makes them so special. The creativity that goes into creating them is second to none. This is not by chance: most top ad creatives swear by having in place a checklist for your creativity, a system to to call on whenever creative work needs to be done.

As marketers we live for this stuff. In no particular order—though, of course Charlie’s Bar Enniskillen gets our vote—let’s kick off the Christmas celebrations with 10 of the best Christmas ad campaigns we’ve found in 2023.


From Aldi to UK retailer John Lewis to Coca-Cola to Amazon, check out these top ads from around the world.  



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Never heard of Digital Marketing Institute, however, across the web, I follow a lot of websites, blogs, and YouTube channels on the Digital Marketing niche. If you want to become successful, you need digital marketing skills, without the ability to run digital marketing campaigns on various channels, it is not possible to become successful. Every day, Digital marketing is becoming more important.

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