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  • Ansoff Matrix

    The Ansoff Matrix is a strategic management tool developed by Igor Ansoff in the 1950s. It helps communities identify opportunities for growth by evaluating four different strategies: market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. In the context of developing a new online community, the Ansoff Matrix can be used to evaluate which of these strategies is most appropriate for achieving the community's goals.


    • Market penetration involves increasing the usage and engagement of existing members. For a new online community, this could involve developing strategies to keep members coming back and using the platform regularly. This might include offering rewards or incentives for participation, or developing new features that make the platform more engaging.
    • Market development involves expanding the community to new user groups. This might involve targeting a different demographic, geographic location, or interest group. For example, a community focused on fitness could expand to target college athletes or people with disabilities.
    • Product development involves introducing new features or services to the community. This could include new tools for communication or collaboration, or additional resources or content. For example, a community focused on music could introduce a feature that allows members to create and share playlists.
    • Diversification involves expanding into new areas or industries. For an online community, this might involve expanding to cover a new topic or interest area. For example, a community focused on cooking could expand to cover other areas of home and lifestyle.

    In order to apply the Ansoff Matrix to developing a new online community, it is important to first define the community's goals and objectives. From there, each of the four strategies can be evaluated to determine which is most appropriate for achieving those goals. It may also be necessary to revisit the strategy periodically as the community grows and evolves. By using the Ansoff Matrix, the community can develop a comprehensive growth strategy that positions it for long-term success.

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