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    The world's most definitive dictionary on online community management and strategy.
    1. Shiny Platform Syndrome

      Tendency to be attracted to and frequently switch to new and seemingly better technologies or platforms, often neglecting the established and functional systems they already have in place.

    2. Webmaster

      Aliases: Administrator

      A forum webmaster is responsible for maintaining and managing the technical and administrative aspects of an online forum

    3. Web hosting

      Aliases: Website hosting, Server hosting, Internet hosting, Online site hosting

      Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible on the internet by storing it on a server.

    4. UX Testing

      Aliases: User experience testing, Usability testing, UX research, User testing

      UX testing involves evaluating a product or service (such as a website) by testing it with real users to identify usability issues and improve the overall user experience.

    5. User Registration

      Aliases: Sign-up process, Account creation, Registration form, Enrollment

      User registration is the process through which new users provide necessary information to create personal accounts on a digital platform.

    6. User Profile

      Aliases: Member profile, Account details, User account, Profile page

      A user profile is a collection of personal data and preferences associated with a specific user on a digital platform, used to personalize experiences and manage access.

    7. User Permissions

      Aliases: Access rights, Access control, User roles, Security permissions

      User permissions define what actions a user can or cannot perform on a digital platform, ensuring appropriate access and security levels.

    8. User Engagement

      This is a short, one sentence description or executive summary of the term

    9. URL

      A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address used to access websites and content on the internet.

    10. Upvote

      An upvote is a voting tool used on various platforms to show approval or support for content.

    11. Operational Transparency

      Operational Transparency is the concept that customers appreciate and value a product or service more when they can see and understand the processes involved in its creation or delivery.

    12. Cashless Effect

      The Cashless Effect is a spending behavior where people are more likely to spend or pay more when using cards or digital payments over cash.

    13. Halo Effect

      The Halo Effect is a cognitive bias where one positive characteristic of a person, product, or brand significantly influences people to have a favorable overall impression of them.

    14. Gruen Effect

      Aliases: Target Effect

      The Gruen Effect refers to the phenomenon where an intentionally overwhelming and sensory-rich shopping environment causes consumers to make impulsive purchases.

    15. Authority Principle

      The Authority Principle suggests that individuals are more likely to be persuaded or influenced by figures or entities perceived as authoritative or expert in a particular domain.

    16. Anchoring Effect

      Aliases: anchoring

      The Anchoring Effect is the cognitive bias where individuals heavily rely on the first piece of information they encounter (the "anchor") when making decisions.

    17. Salience Bias

      Aliases: salient bias

      Salience Bias refers to the tendency of individuals to focus on the most noticeable or important aspects of an experience, often overshadowing other relevant yet less prominent information.

    18. 70/20/10 Learning Model

      Aliases: 70 20 10,

      Breakdown of the 70/20/10 learning model

    19. Goal Gradient

      The goal gradient hypothesis suggests that individuals are motivated to increase their effort as they approach a goal, which is employed in gamification elements like progress bars, badges, and profile completion percentages to enhance user engagement and task completion.

    20. PreCommitment

      Aliases: precommitment pact

      The Psychology of Precommitment suggests that by committing to a goal in advance, individuals are less likely to procrastinate and more likely to achieve the intended outcome.

    21. Town Hall trap

      Aliases: town hall

      Online communities can fall into the trap of designing a Town Hall, where there's a lot of public conversation and talk, but no action. 

    22. 1000 True Fans

      The concept of "1000 True Fans" suggests that creators can achieve sustainable success by nurturing a core audience of 1000 deeply invested followers rather than aiming for mainstream appeal.

    23. Nudging

      Aliases: nudge

      Nudges are gentle pushes or reminders that guide people toward making better decisions or engaging in more constructive ways.

    24. IKEA Effect

      The IKEA effect is a proven psychological bias theory that consumers put a higher value on what they help create.

    25. Trait model

      The emotional quotient (EQ) trait model is a framework that assesses and categorizes emotional intelligence based on a set of core personality traits related to emotions.

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