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  • Bait and switch

    Bait and switch is a dishonest marketing practice that involves luring customers with an appealing offer or advertisement, often at a low price or with desirable features. However, once the customer expresses interest or commits to the purchase, the seller switches the original offer with something else, typically of lower quality or value. This tactic aims to attract customers and then manipulate them into buying a different, less desirable product or service.

    For example, a retailer may advertise a popular electronic gadget at an exceptionally low price to attract customers. However, upon visiting the store or attempting to make a purchase, customers are informed that the advertised item is sold out or unavailable and are pressured to buy a more expensive alternative.

    While bait and switch is primarily associated with deceptive marketing practices in the realm of sales and commerce, it can also manifest in online communities. In these contexts, bait and switch may involve misleading or exaggerated claims about the nature or benefits of joining an online community, such as promising exclusive content or engagement opportunities that are not actually delivered. This can result in disappointment and a sense of betrayal among community members who were enticed by false promises.

    Maintaining transparency, honesty, and clear communication is crucial in online communities to build trust and credibility. Providing accurate information about the community's purpose, activities, and benefits helps set realistic expectations for new members. Additionally, community administrators should ensure that advertised features or benefits are genuinely available and accessible to members. This approach fosters a positive and trustworthy environment, enhancing member satisfaction and loyalty.

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