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  • Burnout

    Burnout is a psychological condition characterized by chronic feelings of exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced effectiveness. It typically occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to high levels of stress, especially in demanding work or caregiving environments. Burnout can manifest as physical and emotional exhaustion, detachment or negativity towards work or activities, and a diminished sense of accomplishment. It can have detrimental effects on individuals' well-being, job performance, and overall quality of life.

    In the context of an online community, burnout can impact community members who are heavily involved in moderating, managing, or contributing to the community. Online communities often require active participation, content creation, and engagement, which can lead to increased stress and pressure. Community managers and active members may experience burnout due to the demands of continuously monitoring and moderating discussions, resolving conflicts, responding to inquiries, and ensuring the community's smooth functioning. It is important for online communities to recognize the signs of burnout and implement measures to support and alleviate the burden on community members, such as implementing moderation guidelines, promoting self-care practices, and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment that encourages shared responsibility and prevents excessive workload on individuals.

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