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      Aliases: guild, faction, squad, alliance, team

    A clan is a social group that is typically based on kinship or ancestry, but can also be formed around a shared culture, language, or interest. In many traditional societies, clans play an important role in social organization, and membership in a clan can provide a sense of identity, security, and support. Clans often have their own customs, rituals, and traditions, and may have their own system of governance or leadership. 

    In modern times, the concept of a clan has evolved to include groups that are not necessarily based on kinship or ancestry, but rather on a shared interest or hobby. For example, in online gaming communities, players may form clans to collaborate, compete, and socialize with one another. These clans often have their own rules, codes of conduct, and hierarchy, and can provide a sense of community and belonging for members.

    In online gaming communities, clans are often formed around a specific game or genre and serve as a way for players to connect and collaborate with one another. Clans can be beneficial for players in many ways, such as providing a support system for learning and improving at the game, organizing group events or competitions, and fostering social connections and friendships. Clans may also help to create a sense of identity and belonging within the larger gaming community.

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