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  • Critical psychology

    Critical psychology is a theoretical approach within psychology that goes beyond individual-focused analysis and examines the social, cultural, and political contexts in which psychological phenomena occur. It seeks to question and challenge dominant ideologies, power dynamics, and systems of oppression that shape psychological theory, research, and practice. Critical psychology aims to uncover and address issues of inequality, discrimination, and social injustice, promoting social change and advocacy for marginalized groups.

    In the context of an online community, critical psychology encourages a critical examination of the power dynamics, inequalities, and social injustices that can exist within the digital space. It highlights the need to question and challenge dominant narratives, biases, and discriminatory practices that may be present in online interactions. Critical psychology within an online community encourages members to engage in discussions and initiatives that promote inclusivity, social justice, and empowerment. It calls for awareness of the ways in which online platforms and interactions can perpetuate or challenge oppressive systems, aiming to create online spaces that prioritize equity, diversity, and meaningful engagement for all participants.

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