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  • definition of community (Jenny Reece)

    According to Jenny Reece, community is not just a physical space, but a collective of individuals who share a sense of belonging and connectedness. A community is characterized by shared values, goals, and interests, as well as by the presence of social networks and social capital that allow for the exchange of ideas and resources. Community members have a sense of identity and mutual obligation to each other, and they actively engage in interactions that benefit the group as a whole. Reece's definition highlights the importance of collaboration, cooperation, and reciprocity within a community, as well as the need for a shared vision and sense of purpose.

    In the context of an online community, Reece's definition can be applied to groups of individuals who come together virtually to share information, ideas, and support. Online communities can be based on a wide variety of interests and topics, and they offer a platform for individuals to connect with like-minded others from around the world. The principles of collaboration, cooperation, and reciprocity are just as important in online communities as they are in physical communities, and the social capital that is built through online interactions can be just as valuable. Online communities can provide a sense of belonging and connectedness for individuals who might not have access to a physical community, and they can foster a shared sense of purpose and identity among their members.

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