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  • Enkratic rationality by John Broome

    Enkratic rationality, a concept introduced by philosopher John Broome, focuses on the alignment between an individual's intentions, beliefs, and values. According to Broome, enkratic rationality is achieved when one's intentions are consistent with their beliefs and values. In other words, it involves making decisions and taking actions that are in harmony with one's internal convictions and understanding of what is morally right or personally important. Enkratic rationality highlights the importance of ethical and value-based decision-making in line with one's own principles and beliefs.

    In the context of an online community, enkratic rationality can guide members' behavior and decision-making processes. Online communities often revolve around shared values, interests, or goals. When individuals within the community adhere to enkratic rationality, they ensure that their intentions and actions align with their personal beliefs and values as well as the community's shared principles. This fosters a sense of coherence, trust, and integrity within the online community. Applying enkratic rationality involves thoughtful consideration of one's intentions, the values upheld by the community, and the ethical implications of one's actions. By embracing enkratic rationality, online community members can contribute to a more harmonious and purposeful collective engagement.

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