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  • Extrinsic motivation by Johnmarshall Reeve

    Johnmarshall Reeve's concept of extrinsic motivation focuses on the idea that individuals engage in activities or behaviors primarily to obtain external rewards or outcomes, such as praise, money, or recognition, rather than deriving inherent enjoyment or satisfaction from the activity itself. Extrinsic motivation can come in the form of tangible rewards or social approval, and it is often contrasted with intrinsic motivation, which involves engaging in activities for the inherent pleasure or personal fulfillment they provide.

    In the context of an online community, extrinsic motivation can play a role in members' participation and engagement. External factors such as receiving likes, comments, or virtual badges can serve as extrinsic motivators for individuals to contribute content, participate in discussions, or seek recognition from others within the community. However, relying solely on extrinsic motivation may have limitations, as it may not sustain long-term engagement or foster genuine interest. Building a thriving online community requires a balance between extrinsic motivators and fostering intrinsic motivation by creating a sense of belonging, providing opportunities for self-expression, and facilitating meaningful interactions that align with individuals' personal interests and values.

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