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  • Fundamental attribution error

    The fundamental attribution error is a cognitive bias that leads individuals to attribute the behavior of others to internal factors, such as personality traits or disposition, while ignoring or underestimating the impact of situational factors. Instead of considering external circumstances that may have influenced the behavior, individuals tend to overemphasize the role of personal characteristics. This bias can result in inaccurate judgments and assessments of others' behavior.

    In online communities, the fundamental attribution error can manifest in the way individuals interpret and react to the behavior of fellow community members. When encountering different behaviors or actions online, individuals may be inclined to make quick judgments and attribute them solely to the personalities or inherent qualities of others. This can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and the formation of negative stereotypes within the community. Recognizing the influence of situational factors and promoting empathy can help mitigate the impact of the fundamental attribution error in online interactions. Encouraging community members to consider external factors and engage in perspective-taking can foster a more understanding and supportive online environment.

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