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  • Internal validity

    Internal validity is a concept in research that assesses the extent to which a study accurately determines the cause-and-effect relationship between variables. It focuses on the control and elimination of confounding factors, ensuring that the observed effects are truly attributable to the independent variable and not influenced by other variables. A study with high internal validity provides confidence that the observed changes in the dependent variable are a result of the manipulated independent variable, increasing the study's credibility and the reliability of its findings.

    In the context of an online community, internal validity is relevant when conducting research or analyzing data. Researchers and community administrators must consider internal validity when examining the impact of specific interventions, changes, or factors within the community. By ensuring high internal validity, the study can accurately attribute any observed changes or outcomes to the manipulated variables, providing valuable insights for improving the community's functionality, engagement, or user experience. Valid research within an online community helps guide evidence-based decision-making and fosters a better understanding of the factors that contribute to community dynamics and member behaviors.

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