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  • Intrinsic rewards

    Intrinsic rewards are a type of motivation that comes from within a person. They are personal and subjective, meaning that different people may find different activities rewarding. Examples of intrinsic rewards include the feeling of accomplishment, enjoyment, or personal growth. Intrinsic rewards are often associated with activities that require skill and challenge, as the feeling of accomplishment is more significant when the task is difficult. In contrast, extrinsic rewards come from external sources, such as money, recognition, or praise. While extrinsic rewards can motivate people to perform certain tasks, intrinsic rewards are often more sustainable and can lead to long-term satisfaction.

    In an online community, intrinsic rewards can play a significant role in motivating members to participate and engage with each other. Members who feel a sense of belonging or connection to the community may experience intrinsic rewards such as satisfaction and personal growth. Additionally, members who are motivated by intrinsic rewards may be more likely to contribute valuable content and help others, as they are not solely motivated by external rewards. Online community managers can encourage intrinsic motivation by creating an environment that fosters personal growth, provides opportunities for skill-building, and acknowledges the contributions of members. By doing so, they can help create a more engaged and active community.

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