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  • James Kelly ecological framework of psychology

    Interdependence refers to the mutual reliance and interconnectedness among different species or components within an ecosystem. The cycling of resources involves the continuous flow and recycling of energy, nutrients, and materials within the ecosystem. Adaptation refers to the ability of organisms to adjust and evolve in response to changes in their environment. Succession describes the sequential and predictable changes in the composition and structure of an ecosystem over time.

    In an online community, these ecological concepts can be metaphorically applied to understand the dynamics and development of the community. Interdependence highlights the interconnectedness and reliance among community members, recognizing the collaborative nature of online interactions. The cycling of resources can be seen in the sharing and exchange of information, knowledge, and resources within the community. Adaptation is relevant to the community's ability to evolve, adapt to changing trends and technologies, and meet the needs and preferences of its members. Succession relates to the natural progression and changes in the community's composition, leadership, and dynamics over time, as new members join and others transition or depart. By considering these concepts, online communities can better understand and navigate their own growth, sustainability, and resilience.

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