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  • Milgram experiment

    The Milgram experiment was a series of psychological experiments conducted in the 1960s by Stanley Milgram. The study aimed to understand the extent to which individuals would obey authority figures, even when instructed to harm others. Participants were led to believe they were administering electric shocks to another person, who was actually an actor. The experiment revealed that a significant number of participants were willing to administer increasingly severe shocks upon the instructions of an authority figure, despite the apparent harm inflicted on the other person.

    In the context of an online community, the Milgram experiment serves as a cautionary reminder of the potential for individuals to blindly follow authority figures or engage in harmful behaviors within the influence of a virtual environment. Online communities may have influential individuals who hold authority or power over others, and members may be susceptible to conforming to their instructions or demands. It is crucial for online community members to critically evaluate information, question authority, and maintain a sense of individual responsibility and ethical conduct. Recognizing the influence of authority figures and promoting independent thinking can help prevent the replication of harmful dynamics observed in the Milgram experiment within online communities, fostering a culture of respect, critical engagement, and personal accountability.

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