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    Newcomers' previous knowledge can have a significant impact on their experience within a community. Individuals who are new to a community and lack knowledge of its norms, practices, and values may experience difficulty integrating and forming connections with other members. On the other hand, individuals who possess prior knowledge of a community's culture and history may have an easier time navigating its social dynamics and establishing themselves within the group. Additionally, newcomers' previous knowledge can influence their expectations of the community and their overall satisfaction with their experience.

    Newcomers' previous knowledge may include their familiarity with the platform, their level of experience with the topic or subject matter of the community, and their understanding of the community's rules and norms. For example, a new member of an online forum may have previous knowledge of how forums generally function but may be unfamiliar with the specific rules and etiquette of the forum they have joined. This lack of knowledge could lead to misunderstandings or conflicts with other members, which could negatively impact their experience within the community. Conversely, a member with prior knowledge of the community's norms and values may be better equipped to participate in discussions and contribute meaningfully to the community.

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