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  • Norms (in context of group dynamics)

    Norms are the unwritten rules or shared expectations that govern behavior within a group. They are social guidelines that shape how individuals should act, interact, and conform to the group's standards. Norms can pertain to various aspects, such as communication styles, decision-making processes, values, and social behaviors. They provide a framework for maintaining order, coherence, and social cohesion within the group.

    In an online community, norms play a crucial role in shaping the behavior and interactions of community members. These norms can emerge organically through repeated interactions and shared experiences. For example, an online community may establish norms that promote respectful communication, discouraging personal attacks or hate speech. Norms can also influence posting etiquette, the sharing of relevant content, and the level of participation expected from community members. Establishing and reinforcing positive norms within an online community contributes to creating a welcoming and constructive environment, fostering meaningful engagement, and enhancing the overall community experience.

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