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    Pervasive games are a form of gaming that blur the lines between reality and the game world. These games typically take place in the physical world and incorporate elements of gameplay into the real world environment. For example, a pervasive game might involve players using their smartphones to scan QR codes placed throughout a city in order to collect clues and solve puzzles. Other pervasive games might use GPS technology to track player movements and trigger in-game events when players reach certain locations.

    One of the key features of pervasive games is their ability to create a sense of immersion and engagement for players. Because the games take place in the real world, players are able to interact with the game environment in a more direct and tangible way than they would in a traditional video game. Pervasive games also have the potential to create unique social experiences, as players often need to work together and collaborate in order to succeed.

    Pervasive games can be a great way to foster community engagement and bring people together in the real world. Online communities can use pervasive games to encourage members to meet up in person and participate in collaborative gameplay experiences. Pervasive games can also be used to promote local businesses and attractions, as players are often required to visit real-world locations as part of the gameplay. Overall, pervasive games offer a unique and exciting way to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, and can be a valuable tool for building and strengthening online communities.

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