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  • power users

      Aliases: superusers, supercontributors

    Power users are individuals who have an exceptional level of proficiency with a particular technology, software or tool. They often go beyond basic usage and explore the full range of capabilities that a product or service offers. Power users have a deep understanding of the technology and its workings, and can often provide insights and workarounds to other users. They may also be called "superusers" or "experts" in some contexts.

    Power users may develop their expertise through extensive practice, experimentation, and trial-and-error. They are often self-taught and have a strong interest in the technology they are using. Power users may also participate in online communities or forums to share their knowledge and collaborate with other users.

    In some cases, companies may actively seek out power users to provide feedback and suggestions for improving their product or service. Power users can be an invaluable resource for companies, as they can provide insights into how a product is used in real-world scenarios, identify bugs or issues, and suggest new features or enhancements.

    In online communities, power users can be instrumental in fostering engagement and building a strong sense of community. They may act as moderators or administrators, helping to manage the community and ensure that it stays on topic and respectful. Power users can also provide valuable support to other users by answering questions, providing tips and tricks, and sharing their expertise.

    Power users can be particularly important in communities centered around a specific technology or software. For example, a power user in a photography community may provide in-depth knowledge and insights into specific camera models, software programs, or photography techniques. They may also share their own work and provide feedback to other users.

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