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  • Product-centric focus

    A product-centric focus is a business strategy or mindset where the primary attention is given to the product or service being offered. The organization's main focus is on the features, quality, and development of the product, often prioritizing technical aspects and internal considerations over customer needs and preferences. In a product-centric approach, decisions and strategies revolve around improving and promoting the product, sometimes neglecting the importance of understanding and addressing customer requirements and market dynamics.

    In the context of an online community, a product-centric focus can hinder the community's effectiveness and engagement. When an online community primarily centers around promoting a specific product or brand, the interactions and discussions within the community may become one-sided and focused solely on product-related matters. This can limit the community's ability to provide valuable and diverse content, support, and opportunities for members to connect on a broader range of topics. A more community-centric approach, where the focus is on fostering meaningful connections, facilitating knowledge-sharing, and addressing member needs and interests, can create a more vibrant and engaging online community experience.

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