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  • Purposive value

    Purposive value refers to the personal evaluation and significance individuals assign to a particular goal or outcome. It reflects the importance they perceive in achieving that goal and guides their actions and decision-making processes. Purposive value can vary among individuals based on their values, motivations, priorities, and personal circumstances. It influences the level of effort, commitment, and investment individuals are willing to dedicate toward achieving their goals.

    In the context of an online community, purposive value plays a role in individuals' participation and engagement. When individuals perceive a sense of purpose and value in contributing to the community, they are more likely to actively participate, share knowledge, provide support, and collaborate with others. Recognizing and fostering purposive value within an online community involves creating an environment that aligns with members' goals and motivations. This can include providing opportunities for meaningful interactions, offering relevant resources and information, and acknowledging and celebrating members' contributions. By understanding and nurturing the purposive value that community members attach to their involvement, online communities can enhance member satisfaction, foster a sense of belonging, and promote sustained engagement.

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