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  • Screening the idea (in context of strategy)

    Screening the idea is a strategic process that involves assessing and evaluating potential ideas or proposals to determine their viability and alignment with organizational objectives. It typically involves analyzing the idea's feasibility, considering available resources, conducting market research, and evaluating potential risks and rewards. The goal is to identify ideas that have the greatest potential for success and align with the overall strategic direction of the organization. By screening ideas, organizations can focus their resources on initiatives that are most likely to achieve desired outcomes and create value.

    In the context of an online community, screening the idea can be applied to evaluate proposed changes, initiatives, or new features within the community platform. When community members suggest ideas or propose modifications, screening the idea involves assessing its feasibility, potential impact on user experience, alignment with community goals, and resource requirements. This process helps ensure that implemented changes or additions enhance the community's value, meet user needs, and align with the community's strategic direction. By effectively screening ideas, online communities can prioritize enhancements that have the greatest potential to improve engagement, foster positive interactions, and create a more vibrant and valuable community experience for its members.

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