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      Aliases: newcomer screening

    Online communities often face the challenge of selecting the right members who are a good fit, as the anonymity of the users and ease of creating new identities can make it difficult to assess candidates. Kraut et al. suggest two approaches to tackle this issue in their book Building Successful Online Communities.

    1. The first approach is self-selection, where online communities can create a culture that only attracts members who are a good fit.
    2. The second approach is to screen potential members to ensure that only those who meet the community's criteria are allowed to join. This could involve setting up a questionnaire or interview process to assess whether the candidate aligns with the community's values and goals.

    Selecting the right members is crucial as it can impact the success and longevity of the online community. By adopting one of these approaches, online communities can ensure that they attract members who will contribute positively to the community and help it thrive.

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