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  • Self-concept

    Self-concept refers to the collection of beliefs, ideas, and evaluations an individual holds about themselves. It includes their understanding of their personal identity, characteristics, abilities, values, and roles in society. Self-concept is shaped through interactions with others, feedback received, and self-reflection. It plays a crucial role in shaping an individual's thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships, as it influences how they perceive themselves and how they navigate the world.

    In an online community, self-concept plays a significant role in shaping individual behavior and interactions. Online platforms offer opportunities for individuals to express and construct their self-concept through various means, such as profile descriptions, status updates, or participation in discussions. Online communities can provide a platform for individuals to explore and showcase different aspects of their self-concept, such as their interests, expertise, or values. The feedback, validation, and social comparison within online communities can influence how individuals perceive themselves and shape their self-concept. Online interactions can also contribute to the development of a collective self-concept within the community, where members identify with and form a shared identity based on the community's values, goals, or interests.

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