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  • self-presentation

    Self-presentation is a fundamental aspect of social interaction, as it allows individuals to create and maintain a desired image or identity. This can involve various strategies, such as selectively revealing or concealing personal information, using nonverbal cues to communicate confidence or competence, and adapting one's communication style to fit the expectations of different audiences. The concept of self-presentation has been studied in various fields, including psychology, sociology, and communication, and has been linked to factors such as self-esteem, social influence, and impression management.

    In online communities, self-presentation can play a significant role in shaping how individuals are perceived and how they interact with others. For example, in social media platforms, individuals may carefully curate their online profiles to convey a particular image, selectively sharing photos or posts that showcase their best qualities. In online forums or discussion boards, individuals may use their usernames, avatars, or writing styles to signal their expertise or authority on certain topics, or to align themselves with specific groups or ideologies. However, the anonymity and distance afforded by online communication can also make it easier for individuals to present themselves in ways that are inconsistent with their offline selves, or to engage in deceptive or manipulative behaviors.

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