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    A self-sustained online community is a group of individuals who come together on a digital platform with a shared interest or purpose. Unlike traditional online communities that require active moderation and management, a self-sustained community is capable of managing itself without the need for external intervention. Members of a self-sustained community take on different roles and responsibilities, such as moderating discussions, creating content, and maintaining the community's virtual infrastructure. This collective effort helps the community grow and evolve, and it enables the group to remain self-sufficient and sustainable in the long term.

    To maintain a self-sustained online community, members need to have a strong sense of shared purpose and identity. They need to be committed to the group's values and goals and willing to work together to achieve them. Communication and collaboration are essential, and the community needs to have a clear structure and governance model to ensure that everyone's contributions are valued and recognized.

    A self-sustained online community is a concept that applies to virtual communities, such as online forums, social media groups, and other digital platforms that enable people to connect and communicate with each other. In contrast to traditional online communities that rely on active moderation and management, a self-sustained community is capable of managing itself through the collective effort of its members. This approach to community building allows for greater autonomy, flexibility, and creativity, as members have the freedom to shape and evolve the community in ways that reflect their shared interests and values.

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