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  • Sense of community

      Aliases: psychological sense of community

    Sense of community refers to the emotional and psychological experience of belonging, connection, and shared identity within a specific group or community. It encompasses feelings of attachment, trust, mutual support, and a sense of shared goals or values. Sense of community is fostered through meaningful interactions, shared experiences, and a sense of belongingness that strengthens individuals' commitment and engagement with the community.

    In an online community, sense of community plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. It involves cultivating a shared identity, fostering meaningful connections between members, and providing opportunities for engagement and collaboration. Online communities can foster a sense of community by facilitating interactions through discussion forums, shared interests, virtual events, and collaborative projects. By promoting a sense of belonging and shared purpose, online communities can enhance member satisfaction, encourage active participation, and build a supportive and vibrant online community space.

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