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  • Situationism

    Situationism is a psychological viewpoint that highlights the impact of external circumstances and environmental factors on human behavior, shifting the focus away from stable personality traits or internal dispositions. According to situationism, behavior is more context-dependent and can vary across different situations. It suggests that individuals are more responsive to situational cues and norms, and their behavior is shaped by immediate circumstances rather than enduring personal characteristics.

    Applying situationism to an online community recognizes the significance of situational factors in shaping behavior within the virtual space. Online platforms offer unique situational contexts that can influence how individuals engage and interact. Factors such as anonymity, social norms, platform design, and the presence of moderators or influencers can impact members' behaviors and attitudes within the online community. Understanding the influence of situational factors helps community managers and members create environments that promote positive engagement, mitigate negative behaviors, and encourage constructive interactions within the specific context of the online community.

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