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  • Strategic vision

    Strategic vision is a forward-looking concept that outlines the desired future state or direction of an organization. It goes beyond specific goals or objectives and paints a broader picture of where the organization aims to be in the long term. A strategic vision serves as a guidepost, providing clarity, motivation, and focus for decision-making and resource allocation. It inspires and aligns stakeholders towards a shared purpose and provides a framework for setting and prioritizing goals that support the overall vision.

    In the context of an online community, having a strategic vision is essential for establishing a sense of purpose and direction. A strategic vision helps define the community's identity, goals, and values, guiding the development of rules, guidelines, and content strategies. It provides a framework for community administrators to make decisions about community structure, features, and engagement strategies. A well-defined strategic vision also helps attract and retain community members who align with the vision and fosters a sense of belonging and shared purpose among the community. Regular communication and alignment of community activities with the strategic vision ensure that the community remains focused and on track towards its long-term objectives.

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