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  • Subjective well-being

    Subjective well-being is a concept that captures an individual's personal evaluation of their own happiness, life satisfaction, and emotional well-being. It takes into account the individual's subjective experiences, perceptions, and judgments of their overall quality of life. Subjective well-being encompasses both positive affect (experiencing positive emotions) and negative affect (experiencing negative emotions), as well as cognitive evaluations of life satisfaction and fulfillment.

    In an online community, subjective well-being can be relevant in understanding and promoting positive experiences and interactions among community members. Fostering a sense of belonging, social support, and positive emotional connections within the online community can contribute to the subjective well-being of its members. Encouraging positive engagement, providing opportunities for meaningful interactions, and creating a supportive and inclusive environment are essential for enhancing the subjective well-being of individuals within the online community. Recognizing the importance of subjective well-being can guide community design and moderation strategies that prioritize the overall happiness and satisfaction of community members.

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